Custom Closets & Organizing Store

As a trained Professional Organizer,
Janet will bring calmnesss, order, and space into your life.
We help you store it so you can find it!

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Why Get Organized?

 Getting and staying organized can help you:    SAVE MONEY   -   SAVE TIME   -   REDUCE STRESS

Custom Options

  • Adjustable European Modular

  • Melamine Closets and Custom Storage

  • Solid Wood Closets and Storage

  • Wood Slated Closets and Shelving

  • Convert fixed cabinet shelves to Rollout shelves

Organizing Accessories

  • Large selection of unique organizing accessories for areas of home kitchen, closets, jewelry, bathroom, including garage

  • Pull-out shelves for DIY or optionally installed

  • Closet Hardware and parts for DIY

  • Parts for after market Kitchen Retrofits for DIY or full service





Janet Young
All Organized Storage Ltd
3370 Tennyson Ave
Victoria , BC V8Z 3P6

Phone: Victoria 250-590-6328

Toll Free: 1-877-367-9295



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